Bradley Holt


What do you find interesting about the concept of Offline First?

Users expect to be able to open up their apps and have them work instantly. Offline First makes this possible. I think many developers take having an internet connection for granted. However, this is a bad assumption. There are many scenarios where the network is unreliable, slow, or completely unavailable. Offline First is an approach that app developers can take to ensure a consistently good user experience, regardless of network connectivity.

What motivated you to organise Offline Camp?

I want to help build the growing community around Offline First. There’s so much interesting stuff happening right now in the Offline First space (PouchDB, Progressive Web Apps, etc.). I think the Offline First movement is poised to start gaining some real traction.

Who are you looking forward to meeting at Offline Camp, and why?

Everyone! I’m interested in hearing about all of the interesting work that people are doing around Offline First.

What do you hope to be an outcome of Offline Camp?

I hope that everyone goes home (more) excited about Offline First. I hope that participants take home new ways to talk about Offline First and that they find opportunities to share their work around Offline First with others who may not be familiar yet with the concept.

Can you describe what Offline First means to you in a sentence?

Offline First is an approach to application design in which a web, mobile, desktop, or Internet of Things (IoT) application is built for offline usage first and is then progressively enhanced to take advantage of network connectivity when available.

Bradley Holt is a Developer Advocate with IBM Cloud Data Services. Bradley writes and speaks about topics such as CouchDB, PouchDB, Offline First, PHP, Node.js, and Domain-Driven Design.