Teri Chadbourne


What do you find interesting about the concept of Offline First?

You know all those moments when you have to disable your WiFi connection to get a strong enough signal to accomplish anything on your iPhone? As a lover of irony, I should appreciate those moments. I don’t. (Offline First to the rescue!)

What motivated you to organise Offline Camp?

I work for the Developer Advocacy team at IBM Cloud Data Services, and my background is in planning events for web developers and designers. My teammate Bradley Holt does a lot of work with offline first app development using PouchDB, CouchDB, and Cloudant Sync, and he invited me to join him in co-organizing the camp alongside Gregor, Steve, and Maureen. It’s been very fun getting back to my event planning roots with such a great team! (Let’s be honest, I’m just in it for the s’mores.)

Who are you looking forward to meeting at Offline Camp, and why?

I look forward to meeting anyone who can share cool use cases for Offline First. In particular, I’m excited to meet Margaret McKenna from the fitness tracker RunKeeper, as well as Joel Worrall from Hospital Run, who’s building open source software for developing world hospitals.

What do you hope to be an outcome of Offline Camp?

I think it would be awesome to collect and share examples of the most hilarious error messages we’ve ever seen when a connection fails. Perhaps that offline dinosaur will one day be extinct!

Can you describe what Offline First means to you in a sentence?

Offline First is a development and design approach improves user experience by treating a lack of constant internet access as the norm, not an error condition.

Teri Chadbourne plans events and commands an army of rock-paper-scissors-playing robots for the Developer Advocacy team at IBM Cloud Data Services. As a Certified Meeting Professional, she should in theory be able to explain the differences between French, Russian, American, and English catering service. In reality, a few of these details may have slipped her mind during all of the event planning, rock climbing, softball captaining, and toddler babysitting of late.