Case Studies and Offline First Success Stories

Network connectivity is never a guarantee, even in highly connected parts of the world. The only way to achieve a 100 percent always-on experience is with apps that are operational even when they’re offline.

Here are success stories that showcase why businesses have chosen to use an Offline First approach, what they’re doing, and what business benefits they have achieved after going Offline First.

eFrontech is changing the way that sales reps work with Aero, helping sellers in the field stay connected and build better customer relationships. Aero, a new mobile app powered by IBM Cloudant, offers full offline access to CRM data, coupled with ultra-fast, automatic data synch. Aero uses Cloudant to synchronize data with back-end systems in real time, empowering clients’ sales teams with instant access to CRM data, anytime and anywhere.

YukonBaby developed an app that helps parents in the remote Yukon territory of northern Canada (where connection is unpredictable) have access to the latest childcare resources, both online and offline. Cloudant’s advanced synching capabilities allow YukonBaby to take an offline-first approach, which lets users work primarily offline, and only sync data when a connection is available. This also keeps costs low for users by minimizing data charges.

Quetzal is a point-of-sale solution designed for clothing and shoe retailers with a small number of stores. Greg Nacu, Lead Software Developer at Quetzal, said, "With Cloudant, we can offer a seamless, reliable offline experience—so our support desk sees about 90 percent fewer issues with transaction synchronization than other POS systems we’ve worked on." They use Cloudant Sync to provide a seamless user experience both online and offline—so even if a client doesn’t have great connectivity in every part of their store, it doesn’t matter. The transactions are still all captured safely and stored locally in JSON format by the iPad app. They will then be uploaded to Cloudant as soon as the iPad reconnects to the internet.

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